Accommodation on Mumbo Island

The tiny camp caters for only fourteen guests (five double tents and one four-bed family unit). The tents are tastefully furnished with shaded decks, hammocks, hot bucket showers and ‘eco-loos’. A dining area with bar, lovely lounge under a baobab tree and a watersport gazebo and beach shower and loos complete camp infrastructure. The whole camp is built of timber, thatch and canvas, and is perched on high rocks overlooking the water, blending with the African bush to create a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ atmosphere of rustic charm.


The three reed chalets and two walk-in tents are situated on the tiny islet of “Jumbo”, reached by a wooden bridge from Mumbo’s main beach. The dining area, lounge and family tent are tucked into the forest on the main island.

Chalets are set as far apart from one another as possible to guarantee privacy. Each chalet has its own en suite bathroom, deck with hammock and a spectacular view over the turquoise waters of Mumbo. Bed linens are of 100% cotton, grass mats and cane furniture are made locally, the water bottles and glasses are recycled wine bottles made on the island and the kikoi throws, for use as beach wraps, are sourced from Kenya. We have tried to cater for every comfort, whilst keeping everything as simple and local as possible.

Mumbo Island


Mumbo’s en suite bathrooms are constructed from reeds and wood. They feature beautiful wooden basin surrounds, reed shower floors, suspended bucket showers (heated by solar), eco-loos with wooden seats and biodegradable shower treats in glass bottles with carved wooden stoppers. They all have gorgeous lake views too, and are often built to incorporate the trees and rocks growing around them.

Our ‘dry composter’ loos work beautifully and without any odour. We provide fragrant wood shavings to use instead of flushing with water. And eventually the waste is transported back to the mainland to be buried for a year and then used as fantastic compost in the gardens and in tree growing projects. Great recycling!

Mumbo Island


Every cushion on the island has been covered with a fabulous array of chitenjes cloths from the local market. Beds are woven of local cane, and all the wooden furniture was made in our workshops and features fine hand-painted detailing done by Marzi, one of the founders of Mumbo camp. Our comfortable cane chairs were woven in Malawi. The decor work is all carried out by local craftsmen – the village tailor upholsters, the carvers carve all the bottle stoppers, ashtrays, mirror frames and the many little details which make Mumbo so special: everything that can be is done on site or in the village. This is very different from many upmarket African lodges, where interior decorators import almost everything they use…

When we re-covered the cushions this year, some of the chitenje fabric was still in good nick, so we paid the village tailor to make 100 new shirts and dresses for the orphans of Chembe Village. A great story of re-using and re-cycling!

Mumbo Island