What can we do there?

You can swim in the warm, crystal clear waters; snorkel in secluded, fish-filled bays; kayak around the island and explore hidden coves and caves; hike along carefully laid trails which traverse the island and meander through the beautiful Miombo forest – or you can take it easy and enjoy the beach from the comfort of the beach loungers, swing in your private hammock on your tent deck or take tea in our comfortable lounge. We have a small book exchange and a selection of games – not least of which is the local game of bawo.

All activities are optional – you choose how to spend your time with us. A trained guide is always on duty on the beach and, on request will take either a guided walking trail or a kayak around the island every morning. Every afternoon we offer a sunset cruise around the island in our small green boat: just let the island staff know what you’d like to drink and they will get a cooler box ready. The cruise begins at 4:30 and the sun sets at around 5:30 so you return to the camp at dusk.

Mumbo Island


The protected waters of the National Park bring sea kayaking within reach of anyone, irrespective of fitness or experience. The two-person kayaks are large and stable, and the guides are local residents with an intimate knowledge of the area. Guests with a sense of adventure have the option of kayaking out to Mumbo Island from reception on the beach at Cape Maclear. All gear is provided and included in the price.


Experience an underwater world of giant granite boulders and hundreds of multi-coloured freshwater tropical fish! Lake Malawi is a great place to SCUBA dive, ideally suited to beginners or those who prefer relaxed diving with no dangers. Mumbo is a PADI registered resort, offering beginner, advanced and specialty courses, as well as gear hire and casual dives. Diving courses and casual dives are not included in the price and must preferably be booked before you visit.

Frogman offer PADI courses from Beginner to Divemaster in a relaxed, friendly and professional environment. The classes are small and the focus is on safety and fun. Frogman has two dive instructors; the urbane Rob, originally a Joburg boy, but he’s been there for years, or Patrick, Malawi’s first qualified dive instructor. Both chaps are highly rated by all those who dive with them. The rest of the Frogman team, from Lewis the dive master to Watson the boatman are all fantastic friendly fellows and highly skilled at their work.

There are many dive options, from the famous Zimbawe rocks off Mumbo for deep dives, granite pinnacles, caves, and much more. You can even do a night dive if that thrills you. Frogman pride themselves on having zero dive accidents in the 12 years they have been diving at Cape Maclear.

Mumbo Island


The colourful Cichlid fish, coupled with the massive granite boulders that make up much of the underwater terrain, makes for a truly remarkable and unusual snorkeling experience, which once again is enhanced by the calm, warm and clear fresh-water. The island’s only mammals – the Spotted-neck Otter – are remarkably tame and sometimes join guests for a swim or snorkel! All gear is provided and included in the price.

Mumbo Island


Nature trails weave their way through the massive granite boulders that constitute the island. The island is heavily wooded, hosting baobab (Adansonia digitata) and several species of Ficus, Sterculia, Khaya, Albizia and Brachystegia. A map is provided in every tent and extras are available at the bar. There are no poisonous snakes or dangerous animals on Mumbo, so you can walk anywhere with confidence and are rewarded by magnificent views. Our guide will take a guided walk every morning at 9:30 on request.

Mumbo Island


All this may sound very energetic and only some of us find relaxation through exercise. Others may find that swinging in the hammock on their private deck overlooking the lake is more to their taste. Others may find reading a book in the comfy shaded lounge deck very relaxing. Or one could learn to play the local game of bawo, or settle in for a game of chess on the hand-inlaid and carved chess board. There is a games cupboard full of choices and a small book exchange on the lounge deck. There are also many quiet places to get away from everyone and simply relax in whatever way you need.

Mumbo Island